Ban on symbols of National Socialism and Fascism
In 2003, a petition was passed at the Youth Session calling for the enforcement of the existing ban on any symbols that glorified National Socialism or fascism in public. This demand gave rise to a motion by the Federal Council Commission for Legal Affairs, which demanded that the use of symbols glorifying extremist movements inciting violence and racial discrimination should be recognised as a criminal offence.

Although this motion was adopted in 2005, it already became apparent in the parliamentary debate that the literal implementation of the motion would be anything but easy. However, in order to at least partially fulfil the mandate of the motion, the Federal Council proposed a criminal norm that would be limited to the public use and spreading of racist symbols and would dispense with the reference of these symbols to a specific movement. After taking note of the results of the consultation and carefully weighing up the pro and contra arguments once again, the Federal Council ultimately recommended that the motion should be dismissed.