The project

A world upside down in the Federal parliament: young people speak and the established parliamentarians listen. This is the Federal Youth Session. During four days, the politicians leave their rooms in the Federal building and young people have the opportunity to state what's concerning them - and what they want to change.

As part of the Federal Youth Session, each year 200 young people from all over Switzerland are given the chance  to become politically active for four days and represent their positions in the discussions. Everyone interested and aged between 14 and 21 can register for free - regardless of their language, educational background or party affiliation. The available places for the Youth Session are allocated in a selection process that aims to ensure the broadest possible representation of young people in Switzerland. It is also important to us to give young people access to youth participation and an insight into Swiss politics, regardless of their existing or non-existing political background.

The Youth Session is not only an annual event, but also one of the largest participatory projects made for and by young people in Switzerland. More than 30 young volunteers are involved in the Youth Session throughout the whole year. They're participating in two committees: the Organizing Committee organizes the programm of the next Youth Session, while the Forum lobbies for the already stated demands.

The purpose of the Youth Session is to promote the citoyenneté of young people in Switzerland: to have your say, to participate in shaping the future, and to participate in decision-making.

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