Together with 199 other young people from all over Switzerland, you will arrive at Bern train station. Afterwards, you will work in your group to develop a demand on your chosen topic. Exciting discussions, interesting encounters and an entertaining supporting programme await you over the next four days.


Working Groups

Each working group deals with a topic of the Youth Session. Depending on your mother tongue, you will be assigned to a German-, French- or Italian-speaking group. In the working group you discuss your topic and you can bring in your questions, ideas and wishes. You will be visited by an expert of the topic and a member of parliament to support you with information and tips. At the end of the discussion, your political demand on your topic will be developed. 


Elaboration of the demands

What format do you want to give your demand and how do you want to formulate it? You need to agree with your working group to finally draft the text that will be submitted to the plenary for a vote. Attention: Be clear and consider the meaning of the words!


Opening plenary and amendments

On Saturday, the Youth Session will be officially opened in the National Council Chamber. Afterwards, you will meet again in your working group, where you will receive an overview of all the demands made by the other groups. You discuss whether you agree with the formulations or whether you would like to propose an amendment to certain demands.


Plenary session

The highlight of the Federal Youth Session awaits you on Sunday in the plenary session, where you can experience and participate in political debates. In the National Council chamber, you will present your demands to the other participants and listen to the amendments. The plenary will then vote on which demands will be pursued further. Maybe your demand will be presented to the President of the National Council at the end?



As soon as the demands have been handed over to parliament, the work of the Youth Session Forum begins. The voluntary members of the Forum work to ensure that the adopted demands are taken into account. On behalf of the Youth Session, they lobby parliamentarians as well as national and regional organisations. Would you also like to actively lobby for your demands? You too can become part of the Forum and, with a bit of luck, even your ideas will find favour with someone in parliament?


Planning the next Youth Session

You haven't had enough of the four days of political air and would like to organise the next Youth Session right away? Then why not get your fill and become a member of the Youth Session Organising Committee. There you can contribute your ideas for the next edition and actively help with the organisation.