Revised Migros sustainability label almost completely meets the demands made by "Product Odyssey" from 2019

Migros has revised its sustainability label M-Check. A star rating now indicates the environmental performance of many of the retailer's products.

Migros would like to gradually label all products according to its self-created sustainability scale. In this scale, there are various criteria that determine the environmental balance of a product. Among other things, animal welfare and impact on the climate are taken into account. A product can achieve between one and five stars. One star means that a product is not sustainable, while five stars means that a product is very sustainable. It is interesting and commendable that even the non-sustainable products are labeled as such by Migros. Contradictions in the individual dimensions are also clearly presented. According to Migros' own statements, this makes the M-Check 100% transparent.

The Forum of the Federal Youth Session welcomes the best possible approach of Migros to the implementation of the demand "Product - Odyssey" made by the Youth Session in 2019:

"We, the Youth Session 2019, demand from the Federal Council that on the products sold in Switzerland, the ecological footprint and the direct consequences on the environment are clearly declared."

Migros has been open to suggestions for improvements to the M-Check label put forward by the Forum. Among other things, it promised to examine the possibility of a QR code with which customers can call up and understand the calculations of the environmental balance of each product. In addition, the Forum called for the direct end result of CO2 emissions to be printed on the label so that consumers have a transparent means of information about the emissions of the respective product. 

The Forum of the Youth Session will continue to advocate for a consistent implementation of the demand and hopes that other retailers will soon follow Migros' example.