Visions for a sustainable future at the Youth Session 2021

As world leaders gathered at COP26 in Glasgow, 246 young people met to spend four days discussing visions for a sustainable future, particularly the fight against global warming.

Concrete proposals were also made, with the aim of showing a parliament that is hesitant about climate protection that solutions exist and can be implemented. The young people worked in different groups on a number of topics, with sustainable development serving as a common thread. Cooperation at the international level to create a taxonomy for measuring sustainability, phasing out fossil fuels by combating the financing of the same, creating closed economic cycles or enforcing fair wages and working conditions as a mandatory criterion for partners of Swiss companies are some of the solutions adopted by the plenary and handed over to Andreas Aebi in the last hour of the session on Sunday. Experts from various organisations as well as parliamentarians helped the participants to develop visions and deasible proposals.

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