Planning the Youth Session 2021 - anything but normal

The preparation and planning of this year's Youth Session is also influenced by the current epidemiological situation.

Due to the rules issued by the Federal Council, the preparatory weekend of the Youth Session 2021 that was planned for March was cancelled and postponed to June. During this weekend, the Forum and the organizing committee (OC) will plan the exact schedule for the four days in November together with the project management team.The normal working day is also affected by Covid-19: There is a general home office obligation for the project management team of the Youth Session. All meetings of the project management team, the Forum and the OC take place online, which is not always easy and sometimes accompanied by technical problems. Despite all adversities, the planning for the Youth Session, which will take place from November 4 to 7, is already in full swing. We are in good spirits that we will be able to hold the 2021 Youth Session and celebrate our 30th anniversary together with you. Want to learn more about the anniversary? Click here to get to our anniversary page.