Demand "Product Odyssey" picks up speed

During the summer session of the Swiss parliament, the Forum, with the help of National Councillors Christine Badertscher and Katharina Prelicz-Huber, submitted an interpellation (20.3718 "Transparency and Overview of Different Labels and Product Standards"). It asks the Federal Council questions on how consumers can obtain a better overview and sensitization of product labels.


Additionally, National Councillor Claudia Friedl submitted a postulate (20.3834 "Improving climate and environmental transparency of products with an environmental product declaration") in which she mentions the Youth Session and takes up her demand. In total, it was co-signed by 33 National Councillors. They ask the Federal Council to present in a report how the climate and environmental transparency of products and services can be promoted.

Furthermore, motion 19.3819 by National Councillor Hans Grunder (taken over by National Councillor Lorenz Hess) is being closely followed by the Forum.

Finally, we asked the food industry itself. Migros, which describes itself in advertising as "the most sustainable retailer in the world", is strongly involved in the area of food declaration, especially with the "M-Check-Label", as the retailer assured us. 

The Forum of the Youth Session is of the opinion that this label could lead to a better overview. However, it criticizes the very vague specifications, the few products it covers so far and that it only praises the positive aspects of the products. 

Migros wrote to us in its response that transparency and sustainable food production are very important.

The Forum is keeping up with the latest developments and will inform you here as soon as there is an important change.