The 28th Youth Session came to an end with the plenary in the Chamber of the National Council, where the adopted demands were handed over to the President of the National Council, Marina Carobbio Guscetti. In her speech, shel noted with pleasure that for the first time she was facing a National Council Chamber with 50% women and 50% men inside. At the same time, she reminded the audience that climate change had already been discussed during the 1994 Youth Session and that more attention should have been paid to youth issues. The Prix Jeunesse, which is awarded every year in recognition of commitment to youth, was given to the Midnights Sports project of the Idée Sport Foundation. The aim of the project is to open the sports hall on Saturday nights in order to provide a space to spend time for all young people.

For more equality and climate protection

After four days of intensive work, discussions with experts and exchanges with politicians, the young people met on Sunday in the Federal Palace. The programme included debates and votes on the demands they had developed. The young people spoke up for more declarations on products, for example regarding their ecological footprint, so that consumers can immediately recognise climate-friendly and climate-damaging products. In climate protection, the young people rely on information instead of bans. However, they know no mercy when it comes to wage inequality: companies with 50 employees or more should be sanctioned if they do not maintain with wage equality, states one demand. In this way, the young people would like to significantly tighten up the equal pay regulations that have just been passed by parliament.