Change and consolidate: That was popular in 2017. After the anniversary year, 2017 was all about realizing new things. The year started colourfully: with a rainbow campaign that imitated the famous animation from Snapchat. A new website with recognition of the anniversary film.For the new Youth Session website, the Youth Session team worked to raise the film made about the Youth Session in 2016. The new participatory and cross-media website offers more space for the demands and surveys and presents the Youth Session in the form of videos. For this purpose, the anniversary film was completely adapted and divided into smaller sequences. Furthermore, film showings with debates were organised in Bern and Geneva. 
Guests of honourAfter all this hard work throughout the year, the Youth Session had many surprises in store: in 2016, the absence of the Federal Council was regretted; in 2017, the President of the Confederation, Doris Leuthard herself, opened the plenary session and gave a video interview to Tink. In addition, guests from another country were welcomed this year: The session was attended by a delegation from Burkina Faso. The Minister of Youth, Dr. Smaila Ouédraogo, the Advisor to the President of the National Assembly and four young people wanted to discover the Youth Session and gather ideas to strengthen their own Youth Parliament. The goal was achieved and all benefited from the valuable intercultural exchange, which was concluded by a speech from the Youth Minister to the plenary.