The year 2016 was an anniversary year for the Youth Session. After 25 years of the project, it was time to look back at the past and into the future. This was a common thread running through the year. Thanks to research in the archives, the development of the project could be presented in an exhibition. This was shown at the big anniversary evening during the youth session, which was crowned by a fabulous cake.But the event also provided an opportunity to look in the future. New strategies were developed to increase the impact of the Youth Session and its petitions. The young volunteers from the organising committee and the forum also had the opportunity to make a film, coached by the researcher at the University of Geneva, Morena La Barba. An autoreflexive approach to the session and the political process it represents, thanks to which its usefulness could be highlighted both from a participatory point of view and in terms of civic education.The anniversary year was concluded with the premiere of the film and a panel discussion on the topic "Switzerland 2041 - how can we shape the politics of the future across the generations?"A jubilee year also includes high-profile guests. The Federal Councillor was absent, but the young people enjoyed an opening speech to the plenary by Lisa Mazzone, the youngest member of the National Council. On Sunday, the Director-General of the UN in Geneva, Michael Møller, honoured the plenary with his presence and gave an inspiring speech on international politics and the role that youth can play in it.