Due to the federal elections, the 2015 Youth Session was postponed earlier into the the summer. However, this allowed young people to come into contact with various young parties and their exponents at the "PolitFestival". Once again, politics was taken to the streets, where topics related to the youth session and daily political business were discussed.Young candidates were able to present themselves and their ideas in individual speeches, to court for the favour of the audience in duels and discuss with other young politicians in political arenas. At the same time, all young parties had the opportunity to draw attention to themselves at a stand, to discuss face-to-face with the young people and to motivate them to participate in politics.But the young people were not only involved in politics on the Waisenhausplatz, but also in the Federal Parliament. After working intensively on their topics in working groups for two days, they demanded for example a system of sponsorship in the asylum system, more energy efficiency and the possibility of signing initiatives and referendums from the age of 16. After sustainability and waste reduction had already been the topic of the youth session several times, a concrete step in this direction was taken in 2015. Thanks to a cooperation with "Squeasy", all participants as well as the guests of honour received a recyclable extendable and collapsible drinking bottle, which made it possible to reduce PET consumption at the Youth Session to almost zero.