Ecological issues have always been important to the participants of the youth sessions. In 2014, they again passed two petitions against "food waste": they demanded more sensitization within the bounds of a national day of action, more information on products containing that they are still edible even after the expiry date, and statistics on Swiss food waste. Already one year before the start of the "refugee crisis", the young people debated measures on how refugees can be better cared for. They demanded that the Dublin system should be changed so that refugees are distributed among the signatory states according to a key that takes into account the "population density, economic capacity and resources" of each country. As part of the "enforcement petition", the young people demanded that the right to equal pay for equal work should be enforced with the help of sanctions. After 33 years, a gender gap of 23.6%, of which 8.7% is "direct wage discrimination", wouldn't be no longer acceptable. Therefore, it is now time to introduce sanctions in addition to controls."Action, that also means voting and electing where possible and especially in Switzerland! In the canton of Glarus, the voting age is 16. Allowing the young to vote from the age of 16 is a sign of trust in the young, a sign also of sharing and handing over responsibility."-Didier Burkhalter