The confrontation with globalisation was an important topic of the Youth Session 2012: "You are the first generation for whom not only the internet but also globalisation is the normality. You can't help but be highly political: you have to understand what the rise of India means, how china is working, how the USA are changing," said Federal Councillor Berset. The young people again demanded for more transparency in political financing, especially of multinational companies, and "control mechanisms regarding compliance with the European Convention on Human Rights of multinational companies headquartered in Switzerland". Their results should be periodically reviewed and publicly published. Shortly after the intensification of the Hooligan Concordat in 2012, the Youth Session tackled the issue of fan violence. Unlike the cantonal justice and police directors, the young people came to the conclusion that the use of pyrotechnic objects was not "violent behaviour" and called for a pilot project to allow "pyros" in a controlled and responsible manner. The presence of the partners, which some participants criticised as too strong, was also much talked about. The partners were not only represented with logos and gifts, but also took part in some of the discussions. Since no one wanted the Youth Session to be perceived as an advertising event, the project management decided to exercise more reserve in the future.