Even before the plenary discussion, the youth session caused head-shaking and discussions: The irony of the provocative campaign ("Flirt with Angelina Jolie at the WEF - being a politician is great") was not always understood, as some thought that the youth session was only about advertising privileges. Nevertheless, the campaign resulted in twice as many young people registering as there were places available. This had never happened before: in 2010, for the first time, a demand was passed in plenary without a vote against. The young people demanded that unaccompanied migrant minors should be given priority by shortening procedures without compromising quality. In addition, they should be accommodated in specific centres and cared for by specialised staff. The discussions on the introduction of a two-week paternity leave, financed by the income replacement scheme, were much more controversial. Despite differences over gender roles, the relationship between the state and the private sphere, equal opportunities and costs, the plenary finally adopted the demand by 109 votes to 53.The poker boom triggered by a certain agent thriller did not leave the youth session unscathed. Not only is there evidence that the participants played poker with a parliamentarian, the young people demanded the legalisation of poker tournaments with a stake of up to 200 francs and a reassessment of poker as a game of skill and chance as part of the "juse.direct". This demand was implemented in 2015.