Shortly after the end of the Swiss casting show "MusicStar", a political casting show took place in Bern. 15 group representatives presented a three-minute excerpt from a real political speech to the plenary. After a semi-final on current political topics and a final with self-presentation, Adil Koller was elected "PolitStar" by acclamation. The young people were less enthusiastic about the petitions: for the first time, more petitions were rejected than accepted in the closing plenary. The young people did not want to hear about campaigns on media literacy, a uniform health insurance, more promotion of culture, a more active state housing policy or term limits for members of the Federal Council. On the other hand, they clearly approved an increase in the number of Federal Council members to nine and a division of the EDI and UVEK, as well as the nationwide introduction of "vote électronique", a liberal regulation of euthanasia, fiscal incentives for the continued employment of apprenticeship graduates and a regulation of internships. "In my opinion, about 80 per cent of the participants are capable of having a good discussion. Because the young people come from all parts of the country, there is also a good mix of opinions. In addition, the young parties are sending their own people. This also results in tougher discussions. This year, some petitions were even rejected in the final vote." - Marc Renggli, 20, gymnasial student (Wilisauer Bote of 20.11.09., p. 12)