Under the unwieldy motto "Dissatisfied with today's world? Then get involved in the world of tomorrow", 200 young people debated the topics of religious diversity, doping, energy and youth violence. They recommended that the parliament should "reject the re-authorisation of Formula 1 car racing in Switzerland" for economic and environmental reasons. Another demand of the youth session was the introduction of the voting age of 16. Political decisions would have an impact on young people later. The voting age of 16 would also be a way to raise young people's interest in politics and participation. In addition, interested and informed young people should be allowed to actively participate in politics."I really enjoyed the youth session. We had a good working group and exciting discussions. It was also great that Federal Councillor Pascal Couchepin welcomed us on the Bundesplatz and was willing to answer our questions."

- Helen Bänninger, 18, from Richterswil in an interview (ZürichseeZeitung, 25.09.2007, p. 3)

As the renovations on the Federal Palace continued, the National Council Chamber was only available on Sunday. The young people took advantage of this opportunity to be more visible from the outside and held the Saturday debates on the Bundesplatz. However, there were no paint attacks on the façade of the parliament building, as the advertising poster suggested (or feared?).