Like the National Council and the Council of States, the 2006 Youth Session had to move to the Grisons: Due to the renovation of the federal parliament, the federal councils met in Flims, and at the same time the youth session met in Laax. While the previous years each had an overriding theme, this year it was dispensed in favor of the slogan "young globally networked". In cooperation with representatives of the Swiss Postal Service, Swisscom and SBB as well as Swiss abroad, the young people worked out their demands on the topics of public service, youth unemployment and youth participation in Europe. As part of "Juse-direct", they called for a significant increase in Minergie subsidies.Even if the demands of the youth session are not always listened to by authorities and politicians, in addition to its function as a participation project, it also serves as a source of ideas from time to time: In 2006, the young people demanded a "ban on firearms in private households"; just under a year later, the collection of signatures for the initiative "For protection against gun violence" began. Not only the geographical proximity to the parliament was used; with the appearance of the Grisons rapper Gimma, the youth session also established a cultural reference.  The youth session was concluded with a visit to its "adult" counterpart, where the young people had the opportunity to get in touch with the members of the Federal Assembly and the Federal Council during a aperitif.