This year, the motto was "HEALTHvetia". The young people discussed topics like alcohol, exercise and nutrition, eating behavior, health costs, mental well-being, gambling and smoking. Of particular importance was the "Youth Declaration" to the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the WHO, which was adopted at the Youth Session on behalf of Swiss youth. The young people spoke out in favor of more participation in international health policy. They also called for the implementation of commitments made, more coordination and more emphasis on environmental and social issues. They considered the topics discussed at the youth session to be particularly urgent, and called for a policy guided by principles. In addition to the precautionary principle, the polluter pays principle, and environmental and health impact assessments, they called for higher taxes and advertising restrictions on fermented products, more information and prevention, a ban on smoking in all restaurants, and health insurance premiums for children and adolescents under 26 that correspond to the health costs they incur."Our health is not negotiable. It is a precondition for our personal development and happiness. No one should enrich themselves at the expense of other people's health. We need and deserve a fundamental human right to a clean and healthy environment. We also need awareness and education to effectively take care of our health."- Preamble of the Youth Declaration