Under the motto "Switzerland and Democracy", the 200 young people discussed the popular election of the Federal Council with President Adolf Ogi after a speech on the situation of Switzerland in Europe and the increasing multiculturalism of Switzerland (Ogi: "Isolation would be a completely wrong concept"): "It must not be that in Switzerland the richest man becomes Federal President", Ogi said. In order to promote democracy, the young people also demanded, "the creation of a law guaranteeing the disclosure of voting and election campaign budgets, including lists of donations from interest groups and parties," in addition to combating violent and inhuman extremism as well as measures to promote democracy in Belarus. In view of the limited impact of the Youth Session's petitions and resolutions so far, the young people decided to establish a new body to follow up on the plenum's demands and lobby for their implementation both inside and outside parliament. After ten years of the youth session, the "Forum" is supposed to give more emphasis to the demands of the youth. The first time the Forum was used was in the same month: on November 10, the day before the plenary session, the administrative delegation of the Swiss parliament decided to no longer allow external events in the National Council chamber. Within a few days, 12,437 signatures were collected, allies sought and successfully lobbied: On November 30, the administrative delegation decided to continue to grant the youth session righsts to hospitality in the National Council chamber.