After a one-hour discussion with Ruth Metzler, the youngest Federal Councillor at 35, the young people discussed various aspects of the topic of "communication" in working groups. The Youth Session was broadcasted live on the internet for the first time. In addition, Swiss abroad were represented at the Youth Session for the first time. It was only logical that the young people demanded in a petition the introduction of compulsory IT lessons from the fifth grade of compulsory elementary school. In addition, the Federal Council should set up an information platform on the Internet so that young people can be familiarized with Swiss political life there by young people and encouraged to participate.

"The youth session should show the adult (political) world that - contrary to the common cliché - there are also young people who are interested in politics"- Mirjam, participant

"The youth session should have a higher status in the political scene, be paid more attention by politicians, because it is the voice of the youth - a loud voice!"- Sebastien, participant

Once again, combating xenophobia through "innovative" information campaigns, voting rights for settled foreigners, meetings with other European youth and a World Youth Congress were demands of the Youth Session, as was the abolition of compulsory military service in favor of compulsory community service for both sexes.