This years youth session had the topic "Youth and climate - not just words...". Due to this topic, the Youth Session received CHF 30,000 from the BUWAL (now BAFU) to support concrete climate-protecting projects. It chose "Bikes for the East", a 17,000 hectare reforestation project in Costa Rica, and support for an initiative in Lucerne for a ban on motorised private transport."As the son of a black African father and a Swiss mother, I even feel like a convinced Swiss patriot. I was therefore disappointed that the plenum rejected coercive measures against criminal foreigners so clearly." - Mike Rutschmann, 18, commercial apprentice (NZZ, 14.11.1994, p. 13)

"However, I think parliamentarians should earn more, then they would no longer be dependent on well-paid posts in boards of directors, which would also prevent delicate marriages between politics and business."- Martina Tanner, 19, seminarist (NZZ of 14.11.1994, p. 13).

"I demand that consumer classes should be created for electricity consumption, divided by limit values (depending on the institution, e.g. company or household). Those who consume little electricity must pay less than normal, but those who consume more electricity pay even more." - Motion by Andreas Tschöpe, adopted by 109 votes to 24.