Initially planned as a one-time event, the second Youth Session took place on 4 December 1993. The plans of the SAJV and the Federal Commission for Youth Affairs were to institutionalise the youth session. In future, 200 young people aged between 14 and 21 were to spend a day each year discussing a wide range of political issues. Important topics of the youth session were education and work, prevention of violence as well as "hatred of foreigners". Another topic was the right to free spaces for young people, since the Wohlgroht-Areal, the largest occupation in Switzerland, had been violently removed a shorty before. The plenum demanded that free spaces  for young people should be enshrined in law. The central demand of the youth session in the form of a petition with over 6000 signatures was the creation of a permanent youth parliament with democratically elected young people. This parliament should have its own budget, thematic commissions, a seat in parliamentary commissions and a collective right of initiative in the federal councils. Furthermore, the young people demanded a harmonised and permeable education system, an anti-cyclical and progressive economic policy as well as more prevention against violence in schools and in general. As a countermeasure against "xenophobia", the young people demanded easier naturalization and full political rights for foreigners at communal level.