The petition "Digitalisation and healthcare" of the 2017 Youth Session called for an extension of the use of the electronic patient record by the medical professionals and other healthcare actors. Now, the Committee for Social Security and Health of the National Council (SGK-NR) has decided in a motion that the Federal Council should be instructed to prepare corresponding amendments to the law. The petition of the 2017 Youth Session was accordingly followed up.

Until now, only stationary facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and maternity hospitals were obliged to introduce the electronic patient record (EPD). In 2018, the National Council demanded that the distribution of the EPD should be extended to all service providers. All health professionals who are involved in treatment processes should join the electronic patient record. The motion of the SGK-NR now instructs the Federal Council to develop the corresponding legal basis.

Here's the link to the press release issued by the parliament and the demand of the Youth Session.