Telecommunications Commission demands anchoring of network neutrality in law

The Federal Youth Session 2017 demanded in a petition from the Federal Council a guarantee of net neutrality. A team from the Forum, the lobbying organisation of the Youth Session, together with National Councillor Beat Flach and the Digital Society Switzerland, were able to submit a motion to demand net neutrality.

Now, by 17 votes to 8, the Commission has approved a motion to enshrine a new provision to guarantee network neutrality in the Telecommunications Act. To the media release


Anti-racism penal norm supplemented

In the battle against discrimination based on sexual orientation, an important step was taken in the right direction.

In 2014, the participants demanded that discrimination based on sexual orientation be made a criminal offence (demand). Four years later, the Swiss parliament decided last Friday to add this passage to the anti-racism penal provision (Art. 261 Penal Code) and to implement the demand of the Youth Session.