Here you will find a selection of demands from the Federal Youth Session that have been followed up in parliament or by individual National Councillors or Councillors of States and that have had a political impact.

Often, parliamentary processes take time and demands are not discussed immediately. Frequently, once they have been discussed, they have an indirect impact, either as input or by contributing to other ongoing debates.


Der Nationalrat spricht sich für das Stimmrechtsalter 16 aus und unternimmt damit einen wichtigen Schritt für eine erhöhte politische Partizipation von Jugendlichen.

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The demand of the Youth Session on digitalisation in the health sector from 2017 prevails in the responsible committee of the National Council

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Further successes for the Youth Session! The demands "guaranteeing net neutrality" and "supplementing Art. 261 StGB (Penal Code) on racial discrimination" were followed in the Swiss parliament.

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Two demands of the Youth Session were taken up by the Swiss parliament: "the extension of the moratorium on genetic engineering" and "the prevention of discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation".

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The demands of the Youth Session "preferential treatment of unaccompanied migrant minors in the asylum procedure" and "decriminalisation of private poker tournaments" were dealt with and implemented by the Federal government.

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One of the demands of the Youth Session, which was already proposed in 1991, was included in the new Civilian Service Act.

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The request to "ban symbols of National Socialism and fascism" triggered long discussions in parliament, but was eventually written off.

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The Youth Session called for a competence centre to fight cybercrime. A motion to this effect was adopted by parliament.

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An alternative to military service was created and thus one of the first demands of the Youth Session was successfully fulfilled. 

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